Anna Short

Portland Heights

Windermere Realty Trust

2424 SW Vista Avenue

Portland, OR 97201

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License Number: 201215870, Licensed in Oregon

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Home is Where Your Story Begins

Real estate is a personal commitment. Not unlike a marriage or having a child, it is also a significant financial commitment that is often the largest lifetime financial decision a person makes. As a Realtor for more than ten years, I have a keen sense of how important the home is to nearly every aspect of our lives.  A home is an extension of a person or family, and it has a soul that is revealed to its inhabitants as their lives unfold there.

Good Listeners Make Great Real Estate Professionals

The house-hunting process is rarely simple and straightforward and is almost always accentuated by intense (and sometimes suffocating) emotions. My job as your broker is often part therapist, part housekeeper, part business adviser and part diplomat. I understand psychology, especially in real estate. I have lived and breathed it for a large chunk of my life. I have run the gamut with all types of buyers and sellers, both as clients and the opposite side of the transaction. As an adviser should, I strive to help my clients identify what is most important to them in a sale or purchase. Dependence on your broker is crucial to your ability to navigate the buying and selling process. With that in mind, helping to guide you through the drama of the market and make the deal as seamless, unburdened, and enjoyable as possible is my goal in every transaction.

Living History

Separate from my love for homes and the home buying process, I love to share with clients my experience and interest in the renovation of historic homes. Over the years I have worked with families and investors to renovate and preserve homes of varying architectural styles and ages, having even renovated three homes for myself – two craftsman-style houses, both built in 1912, and one funky 1970s split-level home in the Southwest Hills. I have taken several continuing education courses on researching your home's history and on the architectural components of houses and buildings built from the years 1890-1960.

Portland and Beyond

Although I tend to focus on Portland, my market knowledge extends to almost all Portland-metro areas. What’s more, if I am uncertain, I will happily refer you to someone who is more knowledgeable about the area you are looking in than I am.  With two children at home, I know how important it is for many clients to have someone to help them navigate neighborhood schools and find the perfect fit for their family.   My degree in social work helps me think of the bigger picture and motivates me to help people find what they need to make their lives better right now.