Cynthia Chase


Portland- Lloyd Tower NE

Windermere Realty Trust

825 NE Multnomah St., Ste. 120

Portland, OR 97232

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Office: (503) 284-7755

Mobile: (503) 267-8326

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Customized Service for Buyers/Excellent Service for Sellers

I believe in offering services tailored to your needs. This can mean a "windshield tour" of neighborhoods if you are new to the area to previewing each property as soon as it comes on the market if you only want to see the properties that are exactly right. Education is helpful to the process of buying a property and I will take the time to do that education. I work mostly in the Inner Eastside of Portland which comprises some of the older, historic, and "hipper" areas of Portland. We in the inner city area have seen a lot of changes at an accelerated pace and continue to have strong sales. If you're thinking of selling your current property using the excellent tools that Windermere provides its agents, I can help you customize a marketing plan to reach the buyers immediately and secure the best price in the shortest time.

Thinking about investing?

I too own rental properties. I can share my experiences managing my own properties and resources to become an investor. My husband and I completed an ADU in 2013 on a rental property we own in the city of Portland. It was a great experience and the city has been offering some incentives that made it a good time to do a project like that. As we move forward in Portland, there will be new and different incentives and financing for accessory dwelling units.

Earth Advantage S.T.A.R. , Sustainability, and a Certified Negotiating Expert

Lots of great resources are available to make our homes more sustainable and less of an energy drain on the planet. Ask me about the possibilities as I have lots to share. Living more lightly and with less of a footprint is a goal of mine and helping clients with that is a bonus of my work. I have been educated through the Earth Advantage S.T.A.R. program and Energy Trust. Helping you to take the next step in sustainability is my goal. Solar? Insulation? Naturescaping? Just ask! I am now in the process of becoming a Master Gardener through Oregon State University extension. Improving our little portion of the earth matters! I am also a Certified Negotiation Expert. I believe that there is always a way to improve the process of negotiating so that everyone's needs can be met. I have been challenged in this belief but continue to hold it as the best outcome possible in a negotiation.

Service and Experience is the Key

Buying or selling a home can be a stressful experience especially in this rapidly changing market. I can hold your hand through the process and be available if any glitches come up along the way. I am readily available for questions or just to talk/email/text as the process of buying or selling unfolds. Don't let the current market scare you (especially as a buyer). I've been a real estate broker since 1998 and continue to be excited and love what I do.